Grateful I am…

Grateful I am
thankful I am
for this life I have
for the existence
I hold
For every morning
to every evening
Those poor hearts
craving for food
craving for home
roaming on streets
deprived of dome
How can i complain
to this life I have
To the meals
I can have
To the home
I can go back
To the privilege
I have got
To those who
have my back
To the fate
I have born
Grateful I am
indebted I am
To the stars
whatever I have
Craving for more but
first grateful I am
for all I have
Looking for more but
thankful I am
For this ability that
I can hope for more
Some dreams for these
which of we complain
Let’s be thankful
for once
for the life we have
See it feels so light
now life is more delight
Contented is heart
ready to march.



  1. When we open our eyes and watch the sun illuminate our faces, then we are alive. And that’s the first thanks when you get up. Your verses are full of those feelings and the value of each of your steps on your way. I liked reading you. A good poem.

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  2. Yeah ..being grateful is really important because it reminds us of what we already have rather than thinking about what we don’t 😊good one ☝️..and here I am grateful for the nice read and follow 😊

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